A significant challenge that information security teams face is preparing for the possibility of a cyber-attack during a critical time for the organization such as the impending announcement of an acquisition. To effectively protect the business in a situation such as this, an organization must understand the threat and know how to apply that intelligence to bolster defenses. Join Accuvant’s next knowledge series webcast to hear how an organization can develop a plan of action that helps minimalize its attack surface and strengthens the walls around prized assets while the clock ticks down.

During this webcast you will learn how to:

  • Recognize the need to tactically improve security.
  • Gather intelligence on the potential threats.
  • Better equip the organization’s technical environment against hackers’ strengths.
  • Respond efficiently to unavoidable incidents.

Presenters Jeff Horne, vice president, research and development and chief architect, and James Robinson, director, information security and member of the Accuvant Office of the CISO, will share lessons learned from real-life situations that can help organizations adequately prepare for business situations when your company is on the move.

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