Understanding key exploits and new vulnerabilities can impact every area of your security effort from threat assessments, patch management, incident response, security analytics and situational awareness. Next in Accuvant's Knowledge Share series, our experts will discuss exploits and the challenges organizations face when addressing them, including encounters in real client environments and how to mitigate your risks. 

During this webcast you will gain:

  • In-depth knowledge of new enterprise risks posed by the Internet of Things.
  • Insight into the Secure Product Lifecycle and today’s most dangerous vulnerabilities.
  • Techniques for reducing noise in your security environment and minimizing your attack surface.
  • Access to new research and the latest thinking around threats and security issues.

Leading Accuvant researchers Ryan Smith and Alex Wheeler will demonstrate some of the new vulnerabilities and areas of greatest risk to your enterprise. James Robinson from Accuvant's Office of the CISO will share the importance of this to business and how an understanding of exploits and the ways they are executed can help you develop a more comprehensive security strategy.

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