Countermeasure 2015

 Shaw Centre - Ottawa, Canada

 Speaking Engagement


Back for its fourth year, Countermeasure is excited to present its highly anticipated line-up of world-renowned IT security experts and product manufacturers. Over the course of five days, attendees will benefit from a number of keynotes, training sessions, discussions, and product demos that feature the most current offensive and defensive IT security management strategies. There will also be ample opportunities to network with peers and industry thought leaders.

Taking place annually in Ottawa, Countermeasure was designed with an emphasis on IT security matters from a federal government perspective. More than ever, it is relevant to a wide scope of government and private sector segments while remaining the largest conference for Canadian Government IT security professionals in Canada.

Optiv is puroud to have Zach Lanier speaking at Countermeasure this year.

Data Loss Prevention: Reversing + Exploitation
Despite a plethora of data security and protection standards and certifications, companies and their systems are still leaking information like a sieve. Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solutions have often been touted as the "silver bullet" that will keep corporations from becoming the next headline. With deployment models ranging from a fat agent on an endpoint, to a blinky-lights box surveilling all network traffic, to some unified threat management gateway with DLP secret sauce, these solutions are ripe for bypass -- or worse.

This talk will discuss our research into a handful of DLP solutions, including their capabilities and their shortcomings. We will demonstrate flaws in administrative and programmatic interfaces and the inspection engines themselves.

Via this presentation we hope to have the audience walk away with a better understanding of the reality of DLP products-- their advantages, their detriments, and whether or not they are of value to their organization. We also hope to caution the audience regarding the potential downfalls of utilizing DLP and better equip them to avoid potential snake oil and inadequate products.

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