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RSA Conferences are the pulse point of the security industry where leading practitioners connect to protect. Attendees will meet with top industry leaders and fellow security specialists to explore the most important security challenges facing organizations; discover how the latest advances in technology can help meet those challenges; and build meaningful professional relationships.

Accuvant is proud to have Jason Clark, Jamie Gamble and Tim West speaking at RSA this year.

Adventures in Insurance Land: Weaknesses in Risk Pricing and Alternatives
Who/Topic: Cyber insurance is an over 1B industry and one the fastest growing specialty lines of insurance. Having created these products largely without information security professionals, models are flawed and immature. Jamie Gamble, Accuvant principal consultant, and Tim West, senior consultant, will present an overview of the industry, issues with its current state, as well as solutions to help advance both insurance pricing and corporate risk management.
When/Where: Wednesday, February 26 at 8:00 a.m./Room: 2011
Track: Governance, Risk & Compliance

Castles in the Air: Data Protection in the Consumer Age
Who/Topic: The consumerization of IT (CoIT) involves what Gartner calls the 'Nexus of Forces': Social, Cloud, Big Data, Mobile and the Internet of Things. We all see our organizations rushing to embrace these trends, and often security is left out or considered as an afterthought. Jason Clark, Chief Security and Strategy Officer, will co-present on a data-centric strategy to both secure and enable the business to leverage these important trends.
When/Where: Wednesday, February 26 at 10:40 a.m./Room: 2006
Track: Data Security & Privacy

Turning Medical Device Hacks into Tools for Defenders
Who/Topic: Much has been done to highlight weaknesses in medical devices in the past years. To help prevent the perpetuated mistakes of the past, this research has compiled these threats and vulnerabilities into guidelines for the security community to harden or assess medical devices. Jamie Gamble, Accuvant principal consultant, and Tim West, senior consultant, will discuss how manufacturers, clinicians, and practitioners can help secure their environments.
When/Where: Thursday, February 27 at 10:40 a.m./Room: 3006
Track: Hackers & Threats Advanced

Accuvant is proud to exhibit at RSA Conference. Visit our booth #2201 in the South Exhibit Hall during the vendor fair.

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