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Access and Identity Management

A Strategic Approach to Access and Identity Management

Access and identity management (also called identity and access management, or IAM) has taken on critical importance as the number and sophistication of cyber threats continues to rise.

Many companies have approached identity access management on an ad hoc basis, deploying tactical solutions to solve specific problems. From access and identity management of specific user communities to IAM services for certain business processes, these solutions provide some value, but fail to address access and identity management at a holistic, strategic level.

Yet having an organization-wide IAM program is critical to protecting users and data. Recent studies suggest that more than four out of five hacking related breaches were able to leverage stolen and/or weak passwords, a direct failure of IAM security at the organizations that suffered attacks.

Building an effective access and identity management program must begin with a superior strategy, and that's where Optiv can help.

Access and Identity Management with Optiv

As the largest comprehensive pure-play cyber security solutions provider in North America, Optiv partners with organizations to design, develop and run access and identity management programs. Our IAM team helps organizations develop a mature strategy to provide complex user communities with safe access to critical applications and data while meeting compliance requirements. From initial discussions about access and identity management needs to implementation and program governance, we provide assistance for all phases of the IAM journey, enabling clients to elevate their IAM efforts from tactical projects to strategic programs.

A Broad Range of Solutions for Access and Identity Management

Our solutions for access and identity management enable organizations to create customized solutions to plan, build and run strategic IAM programs. Our offerings include:

  • Strategy workshops that provide an overview of IAM vendors and trends, along with drivers and challenges for the client's business.
  • Identity centric security workshops to define an identity centric approach to security that can leverage existing IAM investments.
  • IAM assessment to document current IAM practices and challenges.
  • Role assessment to create visibility and awareness of users' access.
  • Compliance and identity management readiness analysis to reduce the risk of failed audits.
  • Health checks to evaluate vendor implementations and validate against business requirements.
  • Technology sourcing and selection, including industry research and assistance with vendor selection and RFP processes.
  • Implementation and integration, including architecting, configuring, implementing and supporting technologies from leading IAM vendors.
  • Optiv developed technologies, including extensions, integrations and tools to enhance the value of current IAM identity access management investments.
  • Program and access governance to integrate IAM programs with internal oversight and compliance functions.

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