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Access Governance

Simplifying IAM with Superior Access Governance Solutions

For organizations with complex identity and access management requirements, superior access governance can help to improve compliance with regulatory mandates, reduce the time and cost involved in overseeing IAM programs, and manage risk in more strategic and deliberate ways.

Many organizations, however, lack an overarching identity access management strategy that is the prerequisite for effective access governance. Too often, companies put IAM solutions in place simply to protect a particular business process or meet the needs of a specific group of users. This tactical approach doesn't facilitate the kind of holistic and thoughtful approach to IAM security required for superior access governance.

Elevating a tactical project to a strategic program is not an easy task. It requires extensive experience and deep expertise in IAM principles as well as concrete knowledge of identity and access management tools, vendors, trends and threats. That's why, when seeking to improve both IAM programs and access governance, more organizations today turn to services from Optiv.

Improving Access Governance with Optiv

Optiv provides a full suite of information security services and solutions that help to define cyber security strategy, identify and remediate threats, select and and deploy technology, and achieve operational readiness to protect users, data and organizations from malicious attacks.

Our IAM/identity access management solutions help organizations to plan, build and run successful IAM programs. And our team helps clients through all stages of the IAM journey – from first discussions about planning and strategy to implementation of technology and development of access governance programs.

To help our clients evolve their IAM projects and improve access governance, we provide a team of IAM experts with skills in all areas of strategic IAM initiatives: identity data management, access management, identity management, privileged access management, data security and analytics, as well as access governance.

Optiv Solutions for Access Governance

Our access governance services include:

  • Project or program management oversight to give IAM projects more visibility with key stakeholders, and to integrate IAM with compliance and security programs.
  • Project management of IAM service delivery, planning and oversight across the entire program or a single project.
  • Integration of IAM programs with internal oversight and compliance functions.
  • Education of governance and steering committees on IAM integration throughout the business, in order to meet security and compliance requirements.

Learn more about access governance for IAM security, and about Optiv developed technologies that include integrations, tools and extensions to enhance the value of existing IAM investments.