2012 Healthcare Industry Security Trends

By 6Labs Expert ·

Meaningful Use:

Many healthcare organizations are struggling with meaningful use. A key area of confusion is the risk assessment. Properly conducting a risk assessment to cover all areas of HIPAA regulations is a key component to address meaningful use. Establishing an ongoing program to ensure compliance is a challenge that has been identified in many healthcare organizations.

Business Associate Assessment: 

Being compliant within your own organization isn’t enough. Healthcare organizations need to ensure that their business associates are handling PHI according to regulation. With the high number of contractors and outsourcing in the field, these individuals and organizations pose significant risks to the protection of customer information.

Mobile Device Adoption

In 2012, the adoption of mobile devices within the organization is increasingly prevalent. Cinical use of iPads, both corporate and personal (BYOD), is on the rise. Organizations that have previously resisted the use of these devices must embrace them in their organizations. The challenge of securing these devices and managing them is cause for sleepless nights within IT and security departments.  

With this adaptation of mobile devices, the need for mobile application development is increasing. While many organizations may have a solid SDLC in place for traditional application development, these are often bypassed to address the need for immediate mobile application deployment. The risk imposed to an organization can be significant. In our analysis of mobile applications, FishNet Security has seen residual data on devices that could lead to unauthorized access of data.