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Mobile Security UK Webinar | Optiv

December 10, 2012

FishNet Security recently presented a webinar entitled “Mobility – Enabling Your Business & Redefining the Corporate Perimeter." The webinar was presented to UK businesses and featured the following FishNet Security experts:

  • Errol Rhoden, general manager-Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA)
  • Gregg Martin, director-Mobile Security
  • Simon Hardy, mobile security architect
  • Colin Mortimer, mobile security architect.

Enterprise users are using multiple devices to tap into the corporate network. Connectivity, portability and productivity are the “three legs” of mobility for users. Executive adoption, generational workforce changes and costs to employer and employees are a few critical considerations that enterprises must weigh in making decisions around mobile security. Defining security policies and controlling sensitive data are a few of several mobile security challenges that businesses face every day.

The presentation details the “Top 10 Risks” to enterprise mobility, covers security details behind all major mobile platforms, many of the characteristics and benefits of 4G – LTE, and common risks and threats associated with corporate mobility.


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