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Role Based Networking

October 19, 2012

Role-based networking has become more eminent in wired, wireless and VPN environments.  With wireless becoming the primary outlet to the network, the industry is striving to provide the same user experience for wired and wireless.
Role-based networking allows companies to enforce network access policies that specify which users can access the network, what devices can access the network, which areas of the network they can access, in addition to controls on various applications. Currently, there are several vendors who provide technology solutions around role based networking, but most offer point solutions and usually fall short when delivering a unified solution across wired, wireless, and VPN networks.

In order for role based networking to be successful, you need to automate and extend authentication and authorization policies across the entire organization for wireless, wired, VPN and guest access. You need to differentiate the access capabilities based on a variety of attributes such as: user role, device, time, and location. This all needs to be achieved through one central management platform. 

By taking advantage of role-based networking, companies will be able to reduce IT costs.  Management supervision becomes less time-consuming with all users managed in one central repository. Security is strengthened throughout the network as you maintain accountability of all users and devices on the network. Configuration changes will diminish as users and devices have defined access so it will take less time assigning vlans to ports. All these solutions are possible by consolidating your management tasks and managing under one central platform.

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