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Security Alert: West Texas Malware

April 18, 2013

The latest event in West Texas has spawned attacks utilizing the same attack methods and malware as the Boston Marathon malware attacks. Individuals should be cognizant of any emails that are received from unknown individuals, emails that are received unexpectedly, or for suspicious links found in social media sites.

A number of unscrupulous actors are using the unfortunate incident to spread malware. By exploiting many individuals desire to see video of the event has lead to numerous infections via an iframe within the web site that provides access to YouTube video of the event. Many organizations including Trend Micro, Sohpos, and Kapersky Lab have also released warning regarding the spread of this attack.

It is expected that this type of attack is not relegated to just email dissemination, so additional social media can be expected to be impacted by this attack. Employee's should be made aware of the potential for malicious abuse after any significant event occurs and should observe caution when searching for event information or clicking on links within emails or on any social media site.

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