Top Healthcare Fraud Trends in 2012

By 6Labs Expert ·

Data Breaches on the Rise:

The number of healthcare records breached has been dramatically increasing as the value of patient records has increased. A startling number of identity fraud cases are being linked to identity theft via stolen patient identity data. In fact, according to the HHS 2011 report to Congress, over 7.9 million (patient) records have been breached since 2009, surplanting Education as the most breached industry. According to a Ponemon study, data breaches cost U.S. healthcare organizations over $6.5 billion in 2011.

Device Loss: 

Laptops and mobile devices pose the most significant risk of exposure. Approximately 40 percent of record losses or exposure is due to the loss of mobile devices, including laptops. Contracting is especially prevalent in the healthcare industry. Although policies may be in place to ensure third parties are adhering to policies, such as full disk encryption, enforcement often can be difficult.