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Trends in Credit Card Data Breaches and Why You Should Be Concerned

January 24, 2014

As FishNet Security's Incident Management team handled credit card data breaches, PFIs and other response engagements in 2013, they observed a rise in advanced malware - like W32/Changeup - and sophisticated botnets - like Dexter and Project Hook - that outpaced traditional prevention methods. The trends and lessons learned are compiled in this white paper, in which author Colby Clark, Director of IM, provides detailed information, first-hand insight and skilled commentary on the various phases and aspects of the breach lifecycle.

Topics covered include:

  • Intrusion and Exploitation
  • Collection and Exfiltration
  • Card Usage and Detection Avoidance
  • Detection and Investigation
  • Containment and Remediation
  • Physical Intrusion and Re-Intrusion
  • Supply Chain, Vendor and Employee Attacks
  • Law Enforcement Intervention

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