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Cloud Security Compliance

The Challenges of Cloud Security Compliance

As organizations continue to take advantage of the benefits of cloud computing, cloud security compliance is quickly becoming a critical priority.

Industry and government regulations are growing increasingly complex. Complying with these requirements only becomes more difficult as data, applications and infrastructure move from the controlled environment of an on-premise deployment to a cloud provider with data centers that may straddle multiple countries, jurisdictions and regulatory frameworks. When trusting business-critical assets to cloud service providers, organizations must be sure that each vendor is proactively addressing cloud security compliance issues and meeting the data center security requirements of regulations like PCI DSS, Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA and others.

Optiv can help. As a leading cloud security company, our cloud security compliance team helps to design cloud security strategy, perform cloud security assessments, and build and run compliance programs to minimize risk, align cloud security compliance with business objectives, and optimize governance, risk and compliance efforts across cloud initiatives.

Solving Cloud Security Compliance Issues with Optiv

At Optiv, we are committed to helping organizations plan, build and run successful cyber security programs. Providing a comprehensive suite of products, services and solutions, we enable governments, businesses and educational institutions to operate more successfully in a world that is increasingly connected.

Our cloud security team provides comprehensive cloud services, from strategy to design a secure cloud architecture, to performing cloud security risk assessments, to managing cloud security compliance programs and conducting third-party risk assessments. We provide guidance, expertise and recommendations to help you make more informed decisions about how to address gaps, manage risk more effectively, and allocate resources to better protect your organization.

Optiv Services for Cloud Security Compliance

Our cloud security compliance team can help you extend compliance efforts to include cloud initiatives as well as industry best practices for auditing and reporting. Our cloud security compliance capabilities include:

  • Compliance assessments to evaluate and document current programs, including their intent and actual function, to provide visibility into the strengths and weaknesses of cloud security compliance programs.
  • Security risk assessments to identify and quantify risk in an environment, helping to meet regulatory administrative, physical and technical safeguards.
  • Gap assessments to identify gaps or weaknesses in cloud security compliance and provide recommendations for ways to address them.
  • Third-party risk management consulting to identify and address third-party risks to cloud security compliance.
  • Technical cloud security consulting to help deploy governance, risk and compliance technology to automate management of cloud security compliance programs.

Learn more about cloud security compliance with Optiv.