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Cloud Security Consulting

Reduce IT Burden with Cloud Security Consulting

As organizations move more business-critical assets to the cloud, cloud security consulting services can help to relieve IT teams of the burden of keeping data, applications and infrastructure secure.

Enterprise users are adopting cloud applications at a feverish pace, taking advantage of the speed, scalability and savings of everything from cloud storage to cloud-based productivity suites. IT teams can barely keep up with the need to sanction and secure each cloud service, let alone develop overarching initiatives to govern cloud usage, mitigate cloud security threats and ensure cloud security compliance.

The right cloud security consulting company can help by enabling IT teams to offload many of the tasks involved in developing cloud strategy, and planning, building and running secure cloud programs.

Optiv can help. As a market-leading provider of end-to-end cyber security solutions, we offer cloud security consulting that takes the burden off IT teams and enables companies to develop cloud strategy goals, maintain security and enable new business models in cloud computing.

Cloud Security Consulting From Optiv

Optiv is one of the largest holistic pure-play cyber and data security companies in North America. We offer a complete portfolio of services that help to define strategy, identify threats and risks, deploy effective technologies and ensure operational readiness through security. From strategic programs to tactical projects and all levels in between, we partner with clients to plan, build and run successful cyber security programs.

Our cloud security consulting services include:

  • Cloud strategy services to develop a comprehensive strategy that reaches across people, processes and technology.
  • Cloud security audit services to assess current cloud programs, identify threats and address security gaps.
  • Cloud compliance services to extend existing compliance efforts to include cloud initiatives.
  • Third-party risk assessments to understand and manage vendor-related risk and to balance risk and reward as critical operations are shifted to third-parties.
  • Identity and access management services that help to plan, implement and manage the extension of IAM controls to the cloud.

Our cloud security consulting services also include threat intelligence to help maintain business-critical assets securely in the cloud.

Benefits of Optiv's Cloud Security Consulting Services

With cloud security consulting services from Optiv, you can:

  • Minimize the burden on IT teams of managing many aspects of cloud security.
  • Leverage a bench of security experts who are well-versed in all aspects of security.
  • Design, plan and implement cloud initiatives with confidence.
  • Securely migrate data to the cloud and manage identities more effectively and efficiently.
  • Gain critical insight into threats and mitigate risks in the cloud with actionable recommendations from security experts.
  • Leverage leading best practices to enhance cloud strategy and secure cloud initiatives.

Learn more about cloud security consulting with Optiv.