Cloud Security Risks

Optiv security experts assist IT teams in designing an approach to cloud security to successfully mitigate cloud security risks and related threats.

Mitigate Cloud Security Risks with the Right Cloud Services Provider

There was a time when cloud security risks outweighed cloud benefits for many organizations. Though that time has passed, and many organizations are adopting a cloud-first approach to technology, significant cloud security threats still remain. From malware and viruses to theft and loss of data, cloud security risks continue to hinder enterprise productivity, profitability and reputation.


The problem is that enterprises, business units and individuals are adopting cloud technologies at such a rapid pace that IT teams can't adequately sanction or secure every application. And with the high cost of a security breach in both dollars and loss of reputation, cloud security risks are a significant threat to enterprise competitiveness.


A mature cloud security strategy can help to mitigate known cloud security risks and protect the organization from the new threats that seem to emerge almost daily. Developing an effective strategy requires clear insight and extensive experience in managing cloud security architecture, as well as expertise in the latest technologies and most responsive vendors. That's where Optiv can help.


Addressing Cloud Security Risks with Optiv

Optiv is a market leading provider of end-to-end cyber security solutions and one of the largest, comprehensive data security companies in North America. We provide the services, tools and solutions that enable enterprises to plan, build and run successful cyber security programs.


Our team of security experts assists IT teams in designing an approach to cloud security that can successfully mitigate cloud security risks and protect the business from a variety of threats. With help from Optiv, IT teams can create strategies for cloud security based on the latest insight and intelligence into cloud security risks. We provide actionable recommendations based on leading practices that help to securely migrate data to the cloud, manage identities more effectively and protect organizations from a wide range of cloud security risks.


Optiv Solutions for Managing Cloud Security Risks

To help IT teams address cloud security risks more effectively, we offer a comprehensive suite of cloud security services that include:


  • Cloud strategy services to develop strategy based on business goals.
  • Cloud security workshops to define initiatives and align strategy with business priorities.
  • Cloud security audit services that assess cloud programs to identify cloud security risks and address security gaps.
  • Cloud compliance services to extend existing compliance efforts to include cloud initiatives.
  • Third-party risk assessments and recommendations for mitigating risk.
  • Identity and access management services that help to maintain visibility into who can access data throughout the organization.


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