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Cloud Security Services

Protect Cloud Deployments with Cloud Security Services

As organizations increasingly turn to cloud solutions to realize greater speed, agility and cost savings, cloud security services can help to relieve IT teams of the burden of securing data and assets in the cloud.

Most companies are convinced that the benefits of cloud computing today outweigh security risks posed by moving data, applications and infrastructure to the cloud. But cloud computing security nevertheless remains the number one challenge. IT teams are therefore tasked with the monumental responsibility of assessing current technology and workloads for cloud compatibility, inventorying sanctioned and unsanctioned applications, monitoring usage of cloud technology and defending against an ever-evolving universe of security threats.

With the staggering amount of cloud applications that are currently used by enterprises, it's hard to see how IT teams already stretched thin can manage to successfully secure cloud initiatives. That's where cloud security services from Optiv can help.

Cloud Security Services from Optiv

Optiv is a market-leading provider of end-to-end cyber security solutions, helping organizations plan, build and run successful security programs to achieve business objectives. Our team of security experts is well-versed in all aspects of cloud security, and our cloud security services help organizations deploy an effective cloud security architecture while enabling new business models and achieving cloud strategy goals.

Our cloud security services leverage leading practices and expertise across multiple disciplines to manage identities and securely migrate data to the cloud more effectively. Our threat experts deliver critical insight into cloud security threats and risks while providing actionable recommendations. And our strategists help organizations design cloud strategies with appropriate data access and visibility to user activity in mind. With cloud security services from Optiv, organizations can count on insight and threat intelligence to secure assets while leveraging the power of cloud computing.

Comprehensive Cloud Security Services

Cloud security services from Optiv include:

  • Designing cloud security strategy to secure valuable assets as they are migrated to the cloud.
  • Conducting cloud security workshops to define cloud initiatives, establish priorities and align strategy with business goals.
  • Performing cloud security risk assessments to identify threats and address security gaps.
  • Ensuring cloud compliance by extending compliance efforts to include cloud initiatives as well as best practices for auditing and reporting.
  • Conducting third-party risk assessments and providing recommendations to address specific risks.
  • Extending identity and access management policies to see who is accessing what data where, when and how, while enabling users to have seamless access to the right information at the right time.

Learn more about cloud security services from Optiv, and about the benefits of working with Optiv over other cloud security companies.