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Cloud Security Threats

Protecting Your Organization from Cloud Security Threats

As enterprises move to the cloud at an accelerating pace, the risks from cloud security threats continues to rise.

Cloud computing security is not the barrier it once was to adoption of cloud technology. Some cloud services and applications are actually more secure than on-premise solutions. The difficulty for organizations is that users are adopting a variety of cloud technologies more quickly than IT teams can sanction and secure them. That leaves the door open for a wide variety of cloud security threats to compromise data and users, as well as corporate reputation and profitability.

Cloud security threats take a number of forms, from viruses and malware to data leaks and data theft. Mitigating cloud security risks requires a mature approach to cloud security strategy and defenses. Yet with more cloud technologies in use than ever before, and with cloud-based services implemented by individual business units, IT teams have real trouble keeping up with cloud adoption and maintaining security and visibility into all cloud technology.

That's where Optiv can help. With a full suite of cloud security services, we provide the tools to develop, enhance and mature an effective cloud security program.

Mitigating Cloud Security Threats with Optiv

Optiv is one of the nation's leading cloud security companies, delivering end-to-end cyber security solutions to organizations throughout North America. With more than 12,000 clients of all sizes across various industries, we offer extensive capabilities and proven expertise that enable organizations to plan, build and run successful cyber security programs.

When working to combat cloud security threats with Optiv, organizations can leverage a bench of cyber experts that are well-versed in all aspects of cloud security. To combat cloud security threats, we partner with organizations to design, plan and implement cloud initiatives, achieve cloud strategy goals, improve security defenses and to quickly enable new business models that take advantage of the speed, agility, scalability and cost-savings offered by cloud solutions.

With our cloud security consulting services and technology, organizations can:

  • Enhance cloud strategy with best practices and deep expertise for mitigating cloud security threats.
  • Migrate data to the cloud and manage identities more effectively.
  • Gain insight into cloud security threats and risks, along with actionable recommendations to address and mitigate them.

Optiv Solutions for Cloud Security Threats

To enable organizations to deploy effective defenses against cloud security threats, we offer services that include:

  • Cloud Strategy
  • Cloud Security Workshops
  • Cloud Security Assessment
  • Cloud Compliance
  • Third-Party Risk Assessments
  • Identity and Access Management

Learn more about stopping cloud security threats with help from Optiv, and how Optiv compares to other data security companies.