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Cloud Strategy

An Effective Cloud Strategy is the Key to Cloud Security

As organizations rush to take advantage of all the benefits of cloud computing, establishing a mature cloud strategy is essential to protecting data, applications, infrastructure and other enterprise assets in the cloud.

Many cloud security failures are the fault of customers rather than cloud providers. Whether it's due to inadequate identity and access management protocols, a lack formal security training for developers, or the IT team's inability to keep up with the growing number of cloud resources that employees are using, these security failures will have a devastating impact on corporate reputation and profitability.

Clearly, an effective cloud strategy must deal with cloud security risks first and foremost. But incorporating security into cloud strategy and tactical operations requires significant expertise. That's where cloud security consulting services Optiv can help.

Design a Cloud Strategy with Help from Optiv

Providing a full suite of information security services and solutions, Optiv helps clients to plan, build and run successful cyber security programs. We enable our clients to define cyber security strategy, identify and remediate threats and risks, select and deploy the most effective technology, and achieve operational readiness to defend against malicious attacks.

Our cloud security team leverages the experience of security professionals with expertise in all areas of cloud security – from cloud security strategy and risk assessment to cloud compliance and identity and access management services.

Our cloud strategy services help clients explore security and business strategy considerations, developing recommendations for a smooth and secure migration of assets to the cloud. Through cloud security workshops, we help clients define cloud initiatives and align cloud strategy with goals and priorities. We conduct cloud security risk assessments that inform cloud strategy with clear insight into threats and security gaps. And our team of cloud security compliance experts can help to ensure that any cloud strategy includes best practices for auditing and reporting.

Benefits of Optiv's Cloud Strategy Solutions

With cloud security services from Optiv, organizations can define a cloud strategy that will:

  • Deliver insight and intelligence into new and emerging threats, helping to protect assets in the cloud.
  • Provide greater visibility into how, when and where information is accessed and by whom.
  • Extend identity and access management controls to information in the cloud, ensuring that users have seamless access to the information they need, when they need it.

Learn more about building an effective cloud strategy with Optiv, and how Optiv compares to other data security companies.