Moscone West


Event Date: Tuesday November 8, 5:00 p.m. PT - Thursday November 10, 1:00p.m. PT


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Navigating the Passwordless Landscape: How to Pick the Right Toolset to Supercharge Your User Experience


In 2022, 18 years after Bill Gates declared the “Death of the Password” at RSA 2004, Knowledge Based Authentication (KBA) via passwords remains commonplace for authentication due to their simplicity for developers to implement and users to consume. Shifting to Possession Based Authentication (PBA) has clear and proven security, usability, and supportability benefits, and is easier than ever due to robust toolsets and protocols – However, the myriad of choices and acronyms can make selecting the right option confusing, and differentiating between different toolsets can be a challenge.


In this session we break down the current and emerging frameworks and protocols in Passwordless Authentication and align those options with common use cases and experiences in the user journey, focusing on both Workforce and Customer Identity user experiences, so that as you explore choices for PBA in the marketplace you can make an informed decision.


Speaker: James Bonifield  |  Location: Breakout Theater B


Speaker Time and Date: Tuesday November 8  |  6:45 p.m. - 7:00 p.m. PT


Moscone West, San Francisco, CA  94103



Start Date:
November 08, 2022
End Date:
November 10, 2022