The Zero Trust Journey

The Zero Trust Journey



Not a single technology, solution or policy, Zero Trust is a security framework that enables organizations to secure their critical data and assets as they adapt to a constantly evolving infrastructure. As a continuous journey to secure users, data, devices, applications and networks, Zero Trust requires a thoughtful integration of technologies, capabilities and processes. But how do you get there?


Please join our upcoming session as Jerry Chapman, Engineering Fellow and Zero Trust Strategist, addresses:


- The evolution of the “Trusted Perimeter”

- The Zero Trust maturity journey

- Optiv’s Approach to Zero Trust We hope you can join this session to see where Zero Trust may take the security of your organization!



Event: The Journey to Zero Trust

Date: Thursday, April 22nd

Time: 12 PM ET


Start Date:
April 22, 2021
End Date:
April 22, 2021