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Protect your organization with advanced cybersecurity services & solutions from Optiv, the world’s leading IT security solutions integrator.

Evolving Threats Require Smarter Cybersecurity Solutions

As the cyber threat landscape evolves with escalating speed, it takes smarter cybersecurity services to successfully protect your organization. With the right combination of cyber defense solutions and information security technology, you can operate more successfully in a world where everything is increasingly linked together.


As a market-leading provider of end-to-end cybersecurity solutions, Optiv partners with organizations to plan, build and run successful cybersecurity programs. Our methodology provides actionable steps to secure systems more effectively and provide recommendations to improve compliance with a wide variety of regulatory frameworks. This includes:


  • Vulnerability assessments to identify, quantify and rank vulnerabilities based on the risk they pose.
  • Penetration testing, where our security experts attempt to breach the information security controls of your organization using the same tools and techniques that real-world attackers employ.
  • Breach simulation services that depart from traditional testing methodologies to simulate an attacker's actions, including the use of subterfuge, distraction and social engineering, with the goal of highlighting the impact of a breach to your organization.


By partnering with Optiv to help stop the next cyber threat, you can identify points of failure in existing systems, close pathways of attack and remediate vulnerabilities to reduce risk and meet compliance requirements.


Choosing the Right Cybersecurity Service

Choosing the right cybersecurity company is critical. You need a partner with deep expertise in defending against a growing universe of threats. You need a partner with broad experience to fill in whatever gaps exist in your security capabilities and know-how. And you need a partner with valuable connections to leading cybersecurity organizations that enable you to put together the perfect mix of defenses for your unique security challenges.


When seeking a partner with cybersecurity services to simplify and enhance information security, more of the world’s leading organizations today turn to Optiv.


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Cybersecurity Protection from Optiv

Optiv is one of the largest comprehensive pure-play IT security companies in North America. We offer information security consulting and security services that span the entire cybersecurity space. From defining strategy and identifying threats to deploying the right technology and ensuring operational readiness, Optiv helps clients plan, build and run more successful cybersecurity protection programs.


Our large and highly skilled team of security professionals includes subject matter experts and thought leaders who together have served more than 12,000 clients of various sizes across multiple industries. Their unrivaled passion for pioneering new security solutions enables our clients to benefit from leading-edge computer security services.


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Our Services and Products

Optiv cybersecurity services include:


  • Security Program Strategy to align information security policy and strategy with business goals
  • Threat and Vulnerability Management to uncover and remediate flaws and vulnerabilities in your security systems
  • Enterprise Risk and Compliance to better understand risk through an IT risk assessment and make informed decisions about managing it
  • Security Architecture and Implementation to help you make decisions about the right technology, architecture and projects to ensure enterprise and network security
  • Enterprise Incident Management to improve response to unauthorized intrusion attacks
  • Identity and Access Management (IAM) to design, implement and test IAM systems that better enable business
  • Education and Awareness to promote behavior that can improve security and reduce risk
  • Managed Security Services to provide your team with turnkey security solutions


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Your Cybersecurity Roadmap

Securing your organization requires a forward-thinking cybersecurity roadmap. At Optiv, we develop security strategies and programs to better support your business goals by combining security expertise with a clear understanding of your business needs and the current state of security programs. Our bench of security experts provides clear insight and extensive experience to help you design security strategy and policy for your information security framework.


We partner with your organization to develop a cybersecurity roadmap to protect your current environment, while also supporting day-to-day operations, revenue goals and future growth. This includes:


  • Development of security strategies aligned to business goals.
  • Identification of gaps and managing risk and allocation of resources to address them.
  • Assessment of current program state and development of a cybersecurity roadmap to mature your security programs.
  • Implementation of leading security practices and execution of your security strategy.


To help you design and implement an effective cybersecurity strategy, we offer a suite of solutions that includes:


  • Program development. Our team can help you define, articulate and communicate your security vision.
  • Digital strategy. We can help to optimize your existing infrastructure and select the technologies and security strategies most appropriate for your digital security programs.
  • Advisory services. We offer on-demand resources, guidance and services provided by former CISOs and security professionals to help you elevate your current security program.
  • IT for mergers and acquisitions. We offer expertise and leading practices to help combine resources and protect assets during a merger or an acquisition.


Learn more about creating a cybersecurity roadmap with Optiv, and about Optiv solutions for General Data Protection Regulation and Privacy Shield compliance.