Data Center Security

Optiv provides a comprehensive suite of data center security services that help organizations plan, build and run successful cyber security programs.

Achieving Next-Generation Data Center Security

Like many companies, your organization has invested heavily in data center security solutions designed to improve prevention, enhance detection and accelerate response to incidents. But getting all these technologies to work together and finding the expertise to manage them is not an easy feat. Dealing with evolving threats, disparate technologies, a higher rate of incidents and a talent shortage requires a great deal of proper planning and expertise. That's where Optiv can help.


Our bench of security specialists can help you transform advanced security controls into an integrated data center security program that orchestrates detection, automation, analytics, incident response and reporting in a next-generation response to threat landscape that is only growing in size and complexity.


Data Center Security with Optiv

As a leading cyber and cloud security company, Optiv provides a comprehensive suite of cyber security services and solutions that help organizations plan, build and run more successful cloud security and cyber security programs. By helping to define security strategy, identify and remediate threats, choose and implement the right technology and cloud security architecture, we enable organizations to achieve operational readiness and defend their business from malicious attack and cloud security threats.


Our data center security services include:


  • Workshops and summits to review the existing security environment and security stack, looking for ways to leverage existing solutions.
  • Governance and progressive maturity modeling, designed to evaluate progress and target areas for improvement.
  • KPI definitions and reporting, to define key metrics that align with your business and drive flexible reporting.
  • Next-generation security operations center (SOC) blueprint, a proven process for planning, building and running phases of an SOC plan.
  • Talent enablement, with a proven methodology for mining, betting, hiring and enabling role matching with top talent.


We also provide custom implementation of next-generation data center security architecture, and global data center security enablement.


Benefits of Optiv Services for Data Center Security

With data center security solutions from Optiv, you can realize key outcomes across security metrics that include:


  • An increase in the volume of incidents handled.
  • Faster mean time to resolution.
  • Higher return on overall technology investment.
  • Faster time to ticket acknowledgment.
  • Improvement in the average time between detection and response.
  • Improvement in time between initial alert and true positive/false positive determination.
  • Reduced likelihood or impact of a successful cyber attack.
  • Reduction in actualized threats.


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