Data Security Companies

Optiv is North America’s largest comprehensive pure-play cyber security solution providers and one of the industry’s top data security companies.

Data Security Companies Help Protect Data Throughout Its Lifecycle

Data security companies play an integral role in protecting valuable information for companies of all sizes. Preventing data loss and controlling the flow of data is a critical part of cyber security. To be most effective, data security companies must help organizations manage and protect data throughout the entire lifecycle – data creation, data-at-rest, data-in-motion, data-in-use and data destruction.


As one of the industry's leading data security companies, Optiv offers a team of dedicated experts to help identify holes in your data security program and put together the most appropriate combination of technologies and services to address those issues.


Optiv: One of North America's Leading Data Security Companies

Optiv is North America's largest comprehensive pure-play cyber security solution providers and one of the industry's top data security companies. We are also a leading cloud security company, and are dedicated to helping organizations plan, build and run more successful cyber security programs. Our deep bench of diverse and talented security experts and cloud security specialists partner with enterprise-class organizations to deliver services and implement solutions that offer greater protection in a world where everything is increasingly linked together.


As a leader among data security companies, we help organizations to:


  • Align data security and cloud computing security strategy with business performance.
  • Provide data security expertise across a wide variety of security controls and technologies.
  • Increase the value of technology investments through proven integration strategies.
  • Optimize, configure and tune technologies to heighten efficiency and improve security.


Why Optiv is Among the Industry's Top Data Security Companies

Unlike many other data security companies, we offer comprehensive cyber security solutions. Our consultants have the skills and expertise to efficiently handle data security needs while integrating your data security program with broader security architecture. Our specialists hold a broad range of industry and technology certifications, enabling us to employ the latest techniques, technologies and approaches. And with a client base of more than 12,000 organizations, we have the experience and insight to effectively solve data security problems.


As one of the data security companies that enterprises rely on most, we offer services that include:


  • Technology identification, selection and assessment.
  • Proof-of-concept and design.
  • Quick start, implementation and migration.
  • Health check and optimization.
  • Integration and upgrades.
  • Resident program.


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