The Blackstone Acquisition: Why It’s Exciting News

The Blackstone Acquisition: Why It’s Exciting News

It’s official! The Blackstone acquisition of Accuvant closed yesterday and I’m extremely excited about what it means to our company, our clients, our employees, our partners and the information security industry at large.


This new partnership is going to allow Accuvant to really step up and take a much bigger role protecting the way people, organizations and nations work, live and play. We will be able to do so much more… do it more quickly… do it on a larger scale.


Specifically, Accuvant will be able to:


  • Solve bigger problems, expand our managed services offerings, and be even more innovative than ever before
  • Begin making strategic investments in people, processes and technology to continue to enhance the types and quality of services and solutions we provide.
  • Focus on solving the global distribution problems of the world’s largest companies.


Our vision is to become the preeminent global provider of information security solutions and our new partnership gives us the backing we need to realize that vision.


I’m really looking forward to the opportunities that lie ahead – for Accuvant and all those we work with and serve.

Dan Burns
Chief Executive Officer
Dan Burns brings more than 23 years of business, technology and security industry experience to his role as chief executive officer. In this role he is responsible for the development and implementation of high-level strategies and direction of the company’s growth.