Cybersecurity Field Guide #1:

What to Do
When Everything


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June 08, 2020

In cybersecurity, change is your only constant. This guide helps you navigate its complexities in a world where innovations and threats arise seemingly daily (to say nothing of a random pandemic). Let’s assess where your organization stands and then outline how to identify common threats. You’ll then get tool recommendations and strategies and see what’s on the horizon (including remote work and talent demands).


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Prioritizing in Chaos


The recent pandemic has drastically altered the trajectory of the entire world.


This guide helps identify where you are, what you need to be aware of and what comes next as the dust settles on one of the most life-altering events since WWII.


It’s OK to be optimistic: Despite many disastrous impacts, we also see opportunities for innovation on the horizon.

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The Topics and Summaries

Field Guide Library

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What to Do When Everything Changes


COVID-19 = accelerated digital transformation (change, change and more change). Our first Cybersecurity Field Guide will help you navigate cybersecurity complexities in a world where innovation never stops and threats arise daily.


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How to Survive an Attack


How can you create a comprehensive response to cyber-attacks? This is the Cybersecurity Field Guide for you. It looks at how – from assembling your cross-functional team to tabletop exercises and war games – to mitigation if the unthinkable happens.


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Get SASE to Accelerate Your Digital Transformation


Let’s clear up secure access service edge (SASE) confusion. Optiv’s third Cybersecurity Field Guide will help you better understand SASE, the promise of its future, its benefits and hurdles, and includes a list of providers.


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How to Effectively Implement and Operationalize SASE


In Optiv’s first SASE Field Guide (#3.0), we provided a high-level explanation for the secure access service edge (SASE) concept and critical considerations. With this SASE Field Guide #3.5 – the next in the SASE series – we provide detailed guidance about where and how to start your SASE journey.


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Best Practices for Automated Vulnerability Remediation


Is automated remediation the answer? Optiv’s Fourth Field Guide offers detailed guidance and six use cases with time saved. Evolve from a time-consuming process to one that leverages new processes and recent technological advances.