Cybersecurity Field Guide #3.5:

How to Effectively Implement and Operationalize SASE


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November 18, 2020

In Optiv’s first SASE Field Guide (#3.0), we provided a high-level explanation for the Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) concept and critical considerations. With this SASE Field Guide (#3.5), – the next in the SASE series – we provide detailed guidance about where and how to start your SASE journey.


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SASE: So Many Parts. Where to Start?


First, to determine if a SASE approach is right for your organization, you must have a full understanding of where organizational assets live and from where users will connect.


If most assets and users reside in a traditional network environment, you may not gain many benefits from SASE.


But, if 50% or more of your accessible assets live in the cloud or many of your users are remote, then a SASE approach should be investigated.


Additionally, if your organization has many branch offices that need connectivity to the HQ, each other, and the Internet, then a SASE approach may be beneficial.

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SASE Areas Covered

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