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Salt the Cloud and Make it Rain

June 14, 2018

Orchestrating resources in the cloud for agility and security

Digital transformation (DX) is a business imperative for enterprises to remain relevant in the marketplace. In order to successfully execute this transformation, you have to transition towards technologies such as the cloud to create a foundation for digitization. As a result, Developer communities with DevOps processes become essential to augment DX success. This transformation is having a tremendous impact on IT infrastructure across all industries and in turn, security. Unfortunately, security is still thought of as the traditional gatekeeper and doesn’t get brought into transformation projects until the very last milestone. Watch now as Optiv and IDC look at:

  • DX trends and predictions
  • How security should be weaved into the fabric of DX
  • How you can orchestrate resources in the cloud for agility and security

Join our industry experts Christina Richmond and Drew Malone:


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Christina Richmond

Christina Richmond is a Program Vice President for IDC's Security Services research practice. She is responsible for IDC's worldwide research and analysis on enterprise and service provider security consulting and integration services. She provides insightful market analysis and actionable recommendations to clients worldwide. 


Drew Malone

Trained in software development, raised in a data center, Drew has an eye for removing manual and redundant processes from enterprise and planetary scale computing systems. As the Director of Automation, he ensures that all of Optiv's solutions are secure by automating and orchestrating every aspect - from design, to test, to deployment and monitoring. 

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