GDPR Compliance

Optiv helps clients meet GDPR compliance requirements strategically and cost-effectively in ways that are aligned with business objectives.

Preparing for GDPR Compliance

While the European Union's new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will provide new data protections for EU citizens, GDPR compliance will create new challenges for businesses around the world.


The GDPR provides strict rules for businesses that collect, use and store information about citizens in EU countries. The regulations are expected to set a high bar for the rights of individuals when it comes to their data privacy, and to cause businesses to rethink their strategies and systems for maintaining personal data. Every company that uses data on EU citizens will need to demonstrate GDPR compliance, whether they have a business presence within the EU or not. Failing to achieve GDPR compliance will result in steep penalties – up to €2 million or 4 percent of global annual turnover (whichever is higher).


GDPR compliance will affect multiple departments within an enterprise, including legal, security and IT teams. Many organizations will need to rethink data governance, data classification, data discovery, data access, data handling and data protection in order to ensure compliance and avoid fines.


Optiv can help. With security consulting services designed specifically for GDPR compliance, Optiv helps businesses develop a security roadmap to evolve programs and align strategies with business goals, meeting GDPR requirements in the process.


Managing GDPR Compliance with Optiv

Optiv is the largest comprehensive pure-play cyber security solutions provider in North America. Our suite of security solutions spans the entire information security space and helps organizations define information security strategy, identify risks, develop security metrics, deploy technology and ensure operational readiness to defend against threats.


Our executive level consultants have years of experience in developing enterprise risk and compliance solutions, and can help organizations take a holistic look at security and privacy programs. By understanding GDPR requirements, identifying gaps in compliance programs and creating a roadmap for remediation, we help clients meet GDPR compliance requirements strategically and cost-effectively in ways that are aligned with business objectives.


Optiv Solutions for GDPR Compliance

Our GDPR compliance services include:


  • Conducting GDPR threat-modeling workshops with decision-makers in a weeklong interview-based session.
  • Identifying assets and current controls that are relevant to GDPR compliance.
  • Evaluating GDPR maturity by reviewing current position, mapping to GDPR areas of focus and identifying key risk areas.
  • Creating actionable findings and a roadmap with guidance to reach GDPR compliance.


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