IAM Identity Access Management

Optiv helps businesses develop superior IAM (identity access management) strategies and programs that enable them to meet their IAM security goals.

IAM: Identity Access Management Requires a Strategic Approach

A mature IAM (identity access management) program can help to secure the enterprise by providing authorized users with safe access to critical applications and data, while keeping unauthorized users from accessing sensitive material or breaching enterprise defenses.


But most organizations lack a forward-thinking strategy for IAM/identity access management. Their IAM solutions have typically been deployed on a tactical basis to meet the requirements of certain user groups or to solve specific business problems. Migrating these tactical projects to a strategic IAM program requires significant expertise and experience in planning, building and running successful identity access management programs.


That's where Optiv can help. As the largest comprehensive pure-play cyber security solutions provider in North America, we help clients develop superior IAM/identity access management strategies and programs to achieve IAM security goals.


Optiv IAM: Identity Access Management Experience, Methods and Resources

When it comes to managing IAM, identity access management specialists from Optiv provide extensive experience across all of the strategic pillars of IAM/identity access management: identity data management, access management, identity management, access governance, privileged access management, and data security and analytics.


Our core IAM services and capabilities include:


  • Conducting strategy sessions that focus on IAM technology, trends and vendors along with the drivers and challenges of our clients' businesses.
  • Assessments of existing architecture and infrastructure to help develop a strategic roadmap for a more mature and effective IAM/identity access management program.
  • Implementation of leading IAM technologies and solutions for SSO and federation, lifecycle management, privileged access management, identity governance and password management.


Additional IAM/Identity Access Management Offerings

Our IAM services also include:


  • Compliance and identity management readiness (CIMR) analyses of identity-related data to reduce the risk of field audits.
  • Health checks that evaluate vendor implementations to validate against business requirements.
  • Selection and sourcing of IAM technology, including industry research, assistance with vendor selection, guidance through RFP processes, evaluating vendor solutions and providing or facilitating vendor demos and POCs.
  • Program governance, including project management expertise focused on IAM service delivery management. Our program governance capabilities help clients integrate IAM programs with internal oversight and compliance functions, while educating governance and steering committees throughout the business to meet compliance and security requirements.
  • Optiv developed technologies, including integrations and tools that enhance the value of IAM assessments while customizing deployments according to business requirements.


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