IAM Program

Optiv offers extensive expertise in all the strategic pillars of an IAM program, including IAM strategy, IAM security, IAM technology  and more.

Minimize Risk with a Strategic IAM Program

Identity and access management (IAM) is critical to reducing costs and minimizing risk, but too often organizations take a tactical rather than strategic approach to their IAM program.


The tactical approach is technology centric – projects are implemented in silos and tend to address a single problem or business initiative. But significant opportunities are lost in such an IAM program. A strategic approach would enable all IAM solutions and technology to be unified in order to improve security, mitigate risk, increase productivity and enhance the user experience.


With the scarcity of skilled IAM experts and the urgency of other important IT projects, it's understandable that many organizations opt for a more tactical rather than strategic IAM program. In these situations, Optiv can assist by providing expertise and resources to help plan, build and run an IAM program that provides both a competitive advantage and more secure IAM infrastructure.


Building an IAM Program with Optiv

Optiv is the largest comprehensive pure-play cyber security solutions provider in North America. Offering a broad range of security services and solutions, we enable our clients to design, create and manage successful cyber security programs to achieve their business objectives.


Our team offers extensive expertise in all the strategic pillars of an IAM program, including access management, identity management, identity data management, access governance, privileged access management, and data security and analytics.


Leveraging proven industry processes and best-in-class technologies, we can help you evolve your IAM program to a strategic initiative with services that include:


  • IAM strategy sessions that focus on IAM trends as well as IAM vendors and business drivers and challenges.
  • IAM security assessment, evaluating existing infrastructure and architecture to establish a strategic roadmap.
  • IAM technology selection and sourcing, guiding your team through the process of choosing the best technology to meet your business goals.
  • IAM implementation, deploying leading technologies across SSO and federation, lifecycle management, password management, privileged access management and identity governance.
  • IAM compliance and identity management readiness, analyzing identity-related data to reduce the risk of failed audits.


Governance Services for Your IAM Program

We also offer governance services that provide oversight of your IAM program in order to give identity access management projects more visibility with key stakeholders and to integrate projects with compliance and security programs. Our services include:


  • Project management expertise in service delivery management, planning and oversight across a single project or an entire program.
  • Integration of an IAM program with internal oversight and compliance functions.
  • Education of governance and steering committees on the IAM program integration.


Learn more about refining an IAM program with help from Optiv.