IAM Security

Optiv helps organizations evolve from a tactical to a strategic approach to IAM security using proven IAM solutions and best-in-class technologies.

Improve IAM Security with a More Strategic Approach

When identity and access management (IAM) projects are not implemented correctly or thoughtfully, it may be impossible to prevent an IAM security breach.


IAM security statistics paint an alarming picture. 81 percent of hacking-related breaches succeed by using stolen or weak passwords*. 60 percent of internal data breaches are caused by employees who abuse their privileges by misusing their level of grant access*. And 76 percent of IT professionals indicate that insider negligence has been the cause of data loss or theft over the past two years**.


Strengthening IAM security requires a strategic approach to IAM services in order to minimize risk and reduce costs while enhancing the user experience. Many companies, however, approach IAM security from a tactical perspective, implementing projects in silos and thinking more about technology than about governance, processes and communication.


Optiv can help. With IAM solutions for companies of all sizes and all stages of IAM security, we help organizations evolve from a tactical to a strategic approach to IAM security using proven methods and best-in-class technologies.


Ensuring IAM Security with Optiv

Optiv is a market leading provider of end-to-end cyber security solutions that enable clients to plan, build and run successful cyber security programs. With more than 12,000 clients of various sizes in a wide array of industries, we provide cyber security offerings with remarkable depth and breadth in capabilities and proven expertise.


Our team has helped clients through all phases of the identify access management journey, from initial discussions about identity and access management strategy to implementation of an integrated approach that aligns people, process and technology. Using a combination of workshops, assessments, implementation and integration services, we enable clients to more easily build a strategic program to ensure IAM security.


Optiv Services for IAM security

Our IAM security services include:


  • IAM strategy workshops to assess current programs, identify potential risks and create recommendations and next steps for a mature IAM program.
  • IAM assessments to identify progress toward a mature IAM security program.
  • IAM compliance and identity management readiness services to assess targeted systems, evaluate role models and develop recommendations.
  • IAM role assessment to identify current state access profiles and build foundational role models that set the stage for automation.
  • IAM health checks to review current architecture, hardware and application performance, documenting findings and developing recommendations.
  • IAM implementation and integration services to define, design, develop, test and deploy IAM technology solutions.
  • IAM technology selection and sourcing services to guide clients through the process of selecting technology to meet business and technical requirements.
  • Identity program governance to integrate IAM with compliance and security programs.


*Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report

** Ponemon