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IAM Strategy

Optimize Your IAM Investments with a Better IAM Strategy

When your identity and access management (IAM) program can't keep up with evolving technology and emerging threats, it may be time to develop a more mature IAM strategy.

Access and identity management is more important than ever. As the world becomes increasingly connected, the risk of cyber attacks increases as well. For many organizations, identity and access management is a primary concern, and for good reason: more than 80 percent of recent hacking-related breaches were successful in part due to stolen or weak passwords.*

Many organizations have made investments in identity and access management tools and programs. But often these initiatives are technology- or problem-centric, addressing the needs of a specific business process or group of users. Building IAM programs that protect an enterprise more broadly and are designed to grow with the organization is far more difficult.

A well-developed IAM strategy can help by migrating tactical projects to a more strategic IAM program while leveraging existing investments. A superior IAM strategy requires significant IAM expertise – a skill set that is often hard to find. Fortunately, organizations looking to create an IAM strategy can count on the cyber security expertise and experience of Optiv.

Build an IAM Strategy with Optiv

Optiv is the largest comprehensive pure-play cyber security solutions provider in North America. With extensive experience across all the pillars of IAM security, we partner with companies of every size to plan IAM strategy, build IAM programs and successfully manage IAM security.

Our team of IAM professionals has helped clients in all aspects of their IAM journey – from taking the first steps in discussing IAM strategy to implementing access governance and assessing effectiveness.

To create an effective IAM strategy, we conduct workshops that feature wide-ranging sessions with an overview of trends and IAM vendors as well as business drivers and challenges. To develop a superior IAM Strategy, we work with clients to:

  • Assess the current state of IAM programs.
  • Develop an IAM maturity model and identify potential risks.
  • Create recommendations and next steps toward a mature IAM strategy.

More Solutions for Implementing and Managing an IAM Strategy

In addition to IAM strategy, we offer a wide range of Identity and access management services, including:

  • IAM Assessment
  • IAM Compliance and Identity Management Readiness
  • IAM Role Assessment
  • IAM Health Checks
  • IAM Implementation and Integration Services
  • IAM Technology Selection and Sourcing
  • IAM Identity Access Management Program Governance

Learn more about IAM strategy and Optiv.

*Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report