IAM Technology

With a comprehensive suite of identity and access management services and proprietary IAM technology, Optiv helps clients navigate the IAM journey.

Improving Security with Superior IAM Technology

For companies investing in identity and access management (IAM) programs, selecting the right IAM technology can be a challenge.


Many companies make the mistake of implementing IAM technology on a purely tactical basis, addressing the requirements of a specific process or user group but failing to consider how the investment might fit into a broader identity and access management strategy. This approach typically results in a hodgepodge of IAM technology that is unlikely to evolve successfully as business requirements change and new threats emerge.


When selecting and deploying IAM technology, having an experienced partner can help to select effective identity and access management tools and deploy them successfully and cost-efficiently. For organizations seeking expert IAM advice, Optiv provides market-leading IAM security services.


Planning and Selecting IAM Technology with Optiv

Optiv is the largest comprehensive pure-play cyber security solutions provider in North America. With a comprehensive suite of identity and access management services and proprietary IAM technology, we help clients successfully navigate every phase of the IAM journey – from development of strategy to selection of IAM vendors and implementation of IAM technology.


Our team of experts enables organizations to elevate identity and access management from a tactical project to a strategic IAM program.


Our services include:


  • Strategy workshops and identity-centric security workshops to assess current state, develop models and create recommendations.
  • IAM assessments and role assessments to identify progress toward a mature IAM program.
  • Compliance and identity management readiness (CIMR) analyses to develop recommendations for cleanup before moving forward with an IAM solution.
  • Health checks to validate vendor implementations against business requirements.
  • Selection and sourcing of IAM technology to meet business goals and program requirements.
  • IAM implementation and integration to simplify deployment of IAM technology.
  • Program governance to integrate IAM programs with internal oversight and compliance functions.


Proprietary Solutions for IAM Technology

In addition to helping organizations source and select IAM technology, we offer a collection of Optiv developed technologies that include integrations, tools and extensions to enhance the value of IAM investments and customize deployments to business requirements. From point solutions and integrations that help to create a single cyber security fabric, to tools for migrating legacy IAM technology, our offerings help to protect existing investments and extend commercial off-the-shelf technologies to meet unique needs.


Optiv developed technologies include:


  • Ping Identity Integration Kits: SiteMinder, Axiomatics, HitachiID, Netskope
  • Legacy WAM (including Oracle Access Manager and SiteMinder) to PingAccess Migration
  • RSA SecurID Access Manager and L&G Custom Integration and Extensions
  • Unix Access Governance Tool that collects and correlates Unix access information
  • RSA SecurID Suite Integration Kits: CyberArk, Microsoft Office365


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