IAM Vendors

Optiv helps businesses identify, choose and manage the right IAM vendors in addition to  providing IAM assessments and other IAM solutions.

Selecting IAM Vendors Requires Strategy and Expertise

IAM (identity access management) programs are becoming increasingly complex, requiring more sophisticated and powerful solutions from IAM vendors. New technologies and disruptions such as the Internet of Things (IoT), cloud computing and mobility trends have created challenges for enterprise security. This has forced IT teams to reconsider existing identity and access management tools and to reevaluate relationships with IAM vendors.


Selecting the right IAM vendors for an effective IAM program is a challenge under any circumstances, but the task is even more difficult when organizations are trying to realize significant improvement in IAM solutions. Many organizations initially approached identity and access management services from a tactical perspective – they deployed IAM technology to solve a certain problem at a specific time. But to fully protect their users and data, savvy companies understand the need to elevate initiatives from the tactical to strategic level, and to build IAM programs that provide more comprehensive identity and access management solutions.


Selecting IAM vendors for this kind of transformation requires significant expertise in IAM programs, a keen understanding of IAM challenges and substantial awareness of IAM technology trends. That's where Optiv can help.


Manage IAM Vendors with Help from Optiv

Optiv is one of the most advanced, most comprehensive and most trusted partners for cyber security solutions. Our suite of information security solutions includes leading IAM services that help organizations plan, build and run successful IAM programs.


Our team is prepared to help clients through all phases of the IAM journey – from strategy discussions and technology sourcing, to implementation and program governance. With vast IAM experience, proven methods and technical resources, we help clients transform IAM projects into strategic IAM programs with our extensive expertise in all strategic IAM pillars: identity management, access management, identity data management, access governance, privileged access management and data security and analytics.


Solutions for Sourcing, Selecting and Evaluating IAM Vendors

In addition to helping organizations develop IAM strategy, perform IAM assessments, and determine IAM compliance readiness, we provide a variety of services to help identify, choose and manage IAM vendors.


Our IAM technology selection and sourcing services guide clients through the process of selecting the right technology and IAM vendors to meet business goals and technical requirements. Our services include managing interactions with IAM vendors, evaluating solutions and responses from IAM vendors and providing or facilitating vendor demos and POCs.


Our IAM health checks provide complete evaluation of the work of IAM vendors, validating implementations against business requirements. Our team reviews the performance of architecture, hardware and applications, examines integrations with other components, and documents findings and develops recommendations to improve effectiveness of deployments.


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