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Identity Access Management

Strengthen Security with Better Identity Access Management

As threats to cyber security continue to proliferate, identity access management (IAM) is more critical than ever to protecting organizations, data and users. In fact, weaknesses in identity and access management are one of the predominant causes of security breaches.

Yet for all its importance, identity access management feels simply too difficult for many companies. And it's no wonder – the enterprise technology stack continues to expand, and disruptive technologies like mobility, cloud computing and the Internet of Things (IoT) only serve to make access and identity management more complex.

When attempting to implement identity access management solutions, many companies will make tactical moves, responding to a specific problem or addressing the needs of a specific user group. But without a holistic identity and access management strategy, these efforts can't hope to successfully protect the organization as new threats and new technologies emerge.

Optiv can help. As North America's largest comprehensive pure-play cyber security solutions provider, we offer a team of IAM professionals and leading identity and access management services that can help companies large and small to manage IAM more easily and enable them to meet their IAM goals.

Identity Access Management with Optiv

Our IAM professionals provide organizations with deep experience, proven methods and technical resources to manage all stages of the identity access management journey – from initial conversations about IAM strategy to integration of access governance with compliance and oversight functions. Our approach to identity access management focuses on developing a mature strategy to provide a complex user community with safe access to critical applications and data, while keeping up with evolving business developments and meeting compliance requirements. Our goal is to create customized solutions for identity access management that enable organizations to plan, build and run strategic IAM programs more successfully.

Comprehensive Solutions for Identity Access Management

Our identity and access management services include:

  • Workshops to develop strategy, recommendations and next steps.
  • Assessments of current identity access management intricacies and challenges as well as roles and user access.
  • Compliance and identity management readiness (CIMR) analyses.
  • Health checks to evaluate vendor implementations and validate them against business requirements.
  • Selection and sourcing of technologies.
  • Implementation and integration of programs.
  • Program governance.
  • Optiv developed technologies, including integrations, tools and extensions to enhance the value of IAM investments and customize deployment.

Learn more about identity access management and Optiv.