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Identity and Access Management

Creating a Successful Identity and Access Management Program

Identity and access management (IAM) has been steadily growing in importance in recent years. As technology becomes more complicated and the world more interconnected, IAM solutions are playing an increasingly prominent role in protecting organizations from cyber attacks.

Yet while businesses recognize the importance of identity and access management, a majority also feel that implementing identity and access management services is too difficult. Many have engaged in limited identity and access management initiatives, using IAM services to solve a specific business problem. Far fewer have been able to put in place broad access and identity management solutions that protect all levels of the organization and are designed to evolve with changing business requirements.

The key to designing and implementing a successful identity and access management program is to start with a superior identity and access management strategy, and to find a partner that can provide expertise through every phase of implementation. That's where Optiv can help.

Identity and Access Management with Optiv

As a market-leading provider of end-to-end cyber security solutions, Optiv is perfectly positioned to help organizations plan, build and run successful identity and access management programs. We partner with companies to develop forward-thinking IAM strategy, build effective IAM infrastructure, and run successful IAM programs.

Our team of IAM professionals and experts is well-versed in all the pillars of identity and access management, including identity data management, access governance, privileged access management, data security and analytics, and more. With vast experience, proven methods and technical resources, we enable our clients to successfully reach their IAM goals.

Superior Solutions for Identity and Access Management

Our comprehensive services and solutions for identity and access management include:

  • IAM strategy sessions that focus on IAM trends and vendors as well as business drivers and challenges.
  • Assessment of existing IAM infrastructure and system architecture.
  • Development of recommendations for a strategic roadmap.
  • Selection and sourcing of IAM technology for SSO and federation, lifecycle management, password management, identity governance and privileged access management.
  • Implementation and integration of IAM technologies.
  • Program governance to integrate identity and access management with internal oversight and compliance functions and to educate governance and steering committees across the business.

With Optiv, organizations can elevate identity and access management from tactical projects to strategic security programs, putting IAM at the core of organizational security.

Learn more about identity and access management and Optiv.

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