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Information Security Framework

Protect Your Organization with an Information Security Framework

With organizations constantly under attack from an expanding threat landscape, it takes a robust information security framework to protect data and users while optimizing resources, aligning strategies and identifying priorities to meet overarching business objectives.

An information security framework is a series of processes used to define policy and procedures for implanting and managing information security controls. A framework is essentially a roadmap for building security architecture and enterprise risk management programs to mitigate risk and eliminate vulnerabilities. With a superior information security framework, organizations can more effectively use all the resources at hand to address the most serious risks and protect the most valuable assets.

Developing an information security framework requires extensive experience and deep expertise in a wide range of security disciplines. For organizations that want a partner in developing security strategy, building security programs and implementing security technology, Optiv provides a comprehensive portfolio of services and solutions.

Information Security Framework Services from Optiv

Optiv is the largest comprehensive pure-play cyber security solutions provider in North America, helping organizations to plan, build and run successful cyber security programs. With an extensive geographic footprint and client base that exceeds 12,000 organizations in multiple industries, we have the experience and expertise to help define strategy, identify threats, deploy technology and achieve operational readiness to mitigate a broad range of risk.

With more than 1,000 security specialists, we provide collaborative and strategic services designed to develop an information security framework that is informed by business goals and the latest threat intelligence. Our services help to:

  • Align an information security framework with business goals.
  • Examine the structure of current programs by ranking a wide variety of security priorities.
  • Document specific threats and risks, identifying actions required to elevate defenses and improve response posture.
  • Create a customized, business-centric strategy and roadmap for security orchestration along with a snapshot of recommendation implications.
  • Deliver findings and results in a board-ready presentation.

Advantages of Optiv's Information Security Framework Solutions

When you choose Optiv to help develop your information security framework, you benefit from:

  • Expertise delivered by former security executives and CISOs who average 20+ years of experience in information security.
  • Proven experience in developing and refining security solutions that are based on industry best practices and on our experience in building programs for Fortune 1000 organizations.
  • Actionable insight from our executive advisors that can help to streamline efforts and resources when building an information security framework.
  • A broad range of security capabilities that include penetration test services and web application security solutions.

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