Information Security Policy

Drive effective protection with an information security policy with Optiv. We offer IT security services to help run a successful security program.

Information Security Policy Drives Effective Protection

Strong information security protection starts with strong information security policy. When well-designed and aligned with business goals, information security policy has the power to increase operational efficiency, contain costs and maximize return on investment while also protecting users, information and the organization.


But as the threat landscape continues to change rapidly and best practices for security continue to evolve, creating effective information security policy becomes a highly complex task. You must possess the business acumen to understand how policy can support performance goals as well as specific expertise in security, technology and process. Simply put, this combination of skills is hard to find – it’s rare that organizations have the expertise in-house to effectively create successful information security policy.


When you want a partner that can provide expert assistance in crafting strategy and defining information security policy, the security professionals at Optiv can help.


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Information Security Policy with Optiv

Optiv is an IT security company that is North America’s largest pure-play provider of comprehensive information security solutions. Our team of highly skilled professionals includes subject matter experts, thought leaders, researchers and seasoned security practitioners who represent every area of cyber security. With the experience gleaned from serving more than 12,000 clients in a wide variety of industry verticals, we offer IT security services to help our clients plan, build and run successful security programs.


Our offerings include a full range of IT security solutions, services and technology to support your security objectives in ways large and small. From one-day workshops to full-scale security assessments and from technology installations to major re-design of security architecture, we have the skill and the resources to provide the exact mix of help that you need.


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Comprehensive Services for Information Security Policy

When crafting information security policy, our team works to:


  • Gain a clear understanding of business objectives and how information security policy can support them
  • Review the structure of existing security programs and rank them according to a broad range of security priorities
  • Present findings and results in a board-ready presentation
  • Identify existing and potential vulnerabilities and risk and make policy recommendations to elevate your defense response posture
  • Create a customized, business-centric strategy and prioritized roadmap as well as a snapshot of the implications of our recommendations


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