Information Security Risk Management

Optiv security experts provide guidance, expertise and recommendations to help organizations optimize information security risk management programs.

Protecting Your Organization with Information Security Risk Management Programs

As organizations struggle to keep up with a myriad of risks from an ever-evolving threat landscape, information security risk management programs can help to identify risk, address gaps, improve compliance and optimize investments to protect the organization more effectively.


Information security risk management efforts start with a 360 degree view of the security space. Successful enterprise risk management programs must be able to identify and account for all types of risk, from mundane to catastrophic and hidden threats to emerging hazards. Information security risk management teams must be able to track, triage and treat all of these potential threats, integrating people, process and technology to address the most significant risks first and protect what matters most to the organization.


Optiv can help. Our security specialists provide guidance, expertise and recommendations to help organizations optimize information security risk management programs by aligning strategy, investments and resources with business goals.


Information Security Risk Management with Optiv

Optiv provides a full suite of information security services and solutions that help organizations plan, build and run successful cyber security programs. Having served more than 12,000 clients of different sizes across multiple industries, we have the experience and expertise to help businesses, governments and educational institutions manage risk, compliance and security more effectively.


We provide information security risk management services as part of a suite of risk management offerings. Working alongside client risk management teams, we translate business requirements into in-depth remediation recommendations that take into account the technology, people and processes specific to an organization. By creating enterprise governance strategies, optimizing security spending and building effective compliance programs, we help organizations move from discrete, compartmentalized efforts to information security risk management programs that strategically address the big picture.


Optiv Solutions for Information Security Risk Management

Our risk management offerings include:


  • Information security risk management services to evaluate and document current information security controls, as well as their intent and actual function, providing visibility into the strengths and weaknesses of the current information system.
  • Security assessment services to identify and quantify risk in an environment, as well as regulatory administrative, physical and technical safeguards.
  • Risk controls gap analysis to identify gaps or weaknesses in current controls and provide recommendations tailored to business priorities.
  • Security maturity assessment services to benchmark current controls and practices against leading methods and industry standards.
  • Policy assessment and development services to assess effectiveness of current policies and modify or develop new policies to align with business goals.


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