Information Security Strategy

Implement an effective information security strategy with Optiv. We deliver expertise for an effective cyber security strategy to avoid risk.

Implement a More Effective Information Security Strategy

As the landscape of security threats continues to evolve, security professionals must work diligently to refine their information security strategy. The most effective cyber security strategy today must, of course, address the best way to avoid risk and mitigate threats. But by designing an information security strategy that is closely aligned with business goals, you can also help to improve operational efficiency, reduce costs and maximize technology ROI while providing superior protection for users and information.


In a field as complex as information technology security, it takes remarkable business acumen and expertise in security, technology and process to design the right information security strategy. When you want a partner with the experience, insight and expertise to build a business-aligned and threat-where security program, Optiv can help.


Build Your Security Program Strategy


Optiv Delivers Experience and Expertise in Information Security Strategy

Created in 2015 from the merger of two leading information security companies, Optiv today is the largest holistic pure-play cyber security solutions provider in North America. We help businesses, governments and educational institutions plan information security strategy and build successful security programs by choosing the right combination of security technology, services and solutions. Our diverse and talented employees have served more than 12,000 clients of different sizes across multiple industries, providing our client partners with unparalleled expertise.


By leveraging our information security strategy services, you implement new strategies to plan, build and run more effective security programs. Our services include:


  • Program Development services to help you define and articulate your information security strategy, with tools to communicate your security vision and plans effectively
  • Security Advising services, providing access to executive-level security leaders who have built some of the largest security programs for Fortune 1000 companies
  • Digital Strategy that enables you to get the most out of your current infrastructure while selecting new technologies and developing new information security strategy to better protect your organization
  • IT Consulting for mergers and acquisitions, providing expertise and leading practices to help protect assets as you combine resources
  • IT Risk Assessment that identifies, and helps to mitigate any information security risk for your enterprise


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Optiv Capabilities for Information Security Strategy

Our extensive capabilities for information security strategy range from security program development to regulatory compliance to security education and training. We can help you:


  • Assess your existing programs and create a roadmap to mature your security initiatives
  • Bring creativity, experience and discipline to your security programs
  • Align strategy with business goals
  • Create risk management strategies that address gaps and allocate resources more effectively


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