Case Study

Optiv and Palo Alto Networks Partner to Decrease Client’s Risk for IoT Devices


A major sports retailer recently opened a large new R&D facility replete with internet of things (IoT) devices. Their security team received alerts every time a new device connected to their network, but they lacked the necessary visibility to identify and assess connected devices and build an onboarding segmentation enforcement plan.


Due to the sensitive nature of the research being done in the facility, the client’s security team received budget approval from the board to purchase technology that could enhance visibility into any new risks introduced by the IoT devices to the environment.


“This facility is instrumental to our efforts in pushing boundaries and driving “what’s next” in our industry. Foundational to those efforts is backstopping the R&D landscape with comprehensive cybersecurity solutions.”

– Applications Security Administrator, Major Sports Retailer



Establish IoT device enforcement standards across a large R&D facility


Technologies Used:
Palo Alto Networks


How We Helped:
Zero Trust Enforcement
Threat Detection
Workflow Automation


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Lack of Visibility


The client did not have full visibility of its IoT device network, delaying its ability to establish enforcement standards.

Existing Technology Preferences


The client already had solutions for security orchestration, automation and response (SOAR) and was not interested in switching technologies.

Executive Mandates


A board-level directive on IoT device visibility elevated the importance of completing the project successfully.

Lack of Clarity


This was a new process for the client, making implementation and integration difficult.

Optiv Approach





The client needed the ability to view both new and existing devices.



Ease of Use


The selected vendor should have the ability to provide broad coverage for a variety of device types.





The vendor should be able to provide broad coverage of a variety of device types.





The vendor’s technology should be able to build a path towards the client’s long-term goal of enforcement.




Optiv recommended Palo Alto Networks' IoT Security Solution as a way to deliver ML-powered visibility, prevention and Zero Trust enforcement in a single platform.



Quick and Accurate Discovery of all IoT, OT, IT and Bluetooth devices, even those never seen before.


Best-in-Class Protection instead of an alert-only approach, keeping devices safe from all threats and vulnerabilities.


Zero Trust Security with automated discovery, assessment, least privilege access policies and one-click enforcement.


Integrated workflows with simplified sensorless deployment and workflow automation across existing IT and security solutions.



Initiative to increase device visibility is now prioritized and funded by the client's board, as well as sponsored by the client's corporate information systems team.


Optiv + Client Next Steps


1 Continue collaborating with the corporate information systems team to complete implementation
2 Build an enforcement program for the IoT network
3 Move to an enterprise agreement to provide coverage for the client’s full portfolio of PANW products


Optiv + Palo Alto Networks


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