ISO Risk Management

Optiv ISO compliance specialists can provide guidance as well as expertise and recommendations on how to implement ISO risk management guidelines.

Increase Resilience by Streamlining ISO Risk Management

For organizations seeking to comply with ISO risk management standards, choosing the right risk and compliance partner can help to significantly reduce the cost and complexity of implementation while improving program effectiveness.


The ISO risk management framework, ISO 31000, provides principles and guidelines on designing, implementing and maintaining risk management processes in an organization. Compliance with risk management guidelines can help organizations to implement, manage and maintain more successful risk management programs.


For enterprise risk management teams, however, ISO risk management may add additional administrative burden and require costly expertise not found with in-house resources. That's where Optiv can help.


ISO Risk Management with Optiv

Optiv's capabilities span the entire information security space. Our comprehensive portfolio of services helps organizations to define strategy, identify threats, deploy technology and ensure operational readiness. With Optiv, businesses in every industry can plan, build and run more successful cyber security programs.


Our ISO compliance specialists provide guidance, expertise and recommendations to implement ISO risk management guidelines while addressing gaps and allocating resources to better protect the organization. Our experts can help with:


  • Aligning strategies with business performance.
  • Optimizing compliance efforts to enable organizations to operate more effectively, efficiently and with greater agility.
  • Evaluating existing programs and delivering recommendations for improvement.
  • Suggesting risk transfer strategies.
  • Assessing the effectiveness of current controls and recommending revisions.
  • Triaging, tracking and treating gaps and threats in current risk management programs.
  • Minimizing costs and increasing effectiveness of GRC efforts.
  • Designing, implementing and assessing ISO Risk Management capabilities across the organization.


Comprehensive Services for ISO Risk Management

To improve ISO Risk Management, we offer services that include:


  • Information security risk management – our team can evaluate and document current information security controls as well as their intent and function.
  • Security maturity assessment – using a standards-based proprietary evaluation process, we examine current controls and issue a maturity assessment that benchmarks existing practices against leading methods and standards.
  • Security risk assessment – we assess your security posture to identify areas of weakness.
  • Policy assessment and development – we help assess the effectiveness of current policies, modifying existing policies or developing new ones to more closely align ISO risk management programs with business goals.
  • Vendor risk management – our team helps to plan, develop and manage third-party risk programs to minimize exposure to risk from vendors.


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