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IT Compliance

Let IT Compliance Transform Your Organization

IT compliance is more complex than ever as government regulations and industry standards grow increasingly stringent.

For many organizations, the challenge of IT compliance can be overwhelming as they struggle to secure vital assets, improve enterprise risk management and demonstrate IT compliance with a wide variety of regulatory frameworks. But savvy companies understand that well-managed compliance efforts can be a competitive advantage by promoting better decision-making, improving agility and leveraging business insight.

When you want to implement an IT compliance and information risk management program that can help you achieve broader business goals, the security professionals at Optiv can help you get more from your compliance programs.

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IT Compliance with Optiv

Optiv is North America’s largest comprehensive pure-play cyber security solutions provider, helping businesses, governments and educational institutions to operate more successful security programs. Our team of highly skilled security experts helps our clients to select the right combination of products, services and solutions to operate more effectively in a world where everything is increasingly linked together.

Our IT compliance experts can help you to:

  • Create a compliance program that is aligned with business goals
  • Make better and more agile decisions
  • Optimize your approach to governance, compliance and IT risk management across all systems
  • Quickly roll out or improve compliance programs
  • Enhance compliance efforts with an IT risk assessment and innovative recommendations to better address risk and advanced business goals

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Our Capabilities in IT Compliance

Our comprehensive capabilities in IT compliance include:

  • PCI compliance - We offer programs to improve compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). If you store, process or transmit credit card data, our PCI-related offerings can help you achieve compliance goals and create a sustainable program no matter where you are in the compliance cycle.
  • Healthcare compliance - Our deep expertise and broad experience working with healthcare organizations enables us to implement programs and demonstrate HIPAA compliance while strengthening data security.
  • Custom compliance consulting - Our proprietary methodology and expertise in a wide range of standards, regulations and compliance requirements enables us to provide custom IT consulting for Sarbanes-Oxley, NIST, HIPAA, PCI and others. We also provide standards benchmarking and consulting for SANS, ISO, COBIT and more.
  • Third-party risk management - Our services to manage and mitigate the risk posed by third parties can help you limit your own exposure while maintaining your business advantage.
  • Assessment and recommendations - Our risk mitigation and IT compliance experts provide help to assess policies, procedures and human behavior in complex systems and make recommendations to eliminate problems now and in the future.

Learn more about IT compliance with Optiv and about Optiv’s vulnerability assessment solutions.