IT Security Audit

Improve defenses with an IT security audit from Optiv, critical to your information security strategy as the threat landscape evolves.

Improve Defenses with an IT Security Audit

An IT security audit is critical to your information security strategy. As the threat landscape continues to evolve with greater speed, your information security program must evolve as well to address vulnerabilities and mitigate new risks. By performing a comprehensive review of your strategies, policies, technologies and operating procedures, an IT security audit can provide the insight you need to maximize use of resources and refine your program for optimal protection.


When you want a partner who can not only help you perform an IT security audit but help to implement recommendations as well, Optiv provides a team of security professionals with unparalleled expertise and experience.


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An IT Security Audit with Optiv

Optiv is North America’s largest comprehensive pure-play cyber security solutions provider. Our highly skilled team of security experts is committed to helping businesses, governments and educational institutions build successful security programs through the right combination of products, services and solutions.


Our team is uniquely qualified to perform an IT security audit and IT risk assessment for your organization. Our employees are subject matter experts, thought leaders, researchers and security fanatics who together possess deep understanding and unparalleled expertise in evaluating and analyzing existing programs and making recommendations for improvement. The results of an Optiv IT security audit are informed by the latest threat intelligence, broad knowledge about the most advanced defenses and controls, and a clear understanding that security measures must be aligned with business objectives.


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Our IT Security Audit Services

In an IT security audit, we can:


  • Evaluate your current approach to strategy and provide recommendations for improvement or suggest risk transfer strategies
  • Assess the effectiveness of current controls and defenses and recommend improvements
  • Triage, track and treat gaps and threats in your current approach
  • Customize our proprietary risk evaluation approach to match your culture and risk appetite
  • Assess your current program and develop a roadmap to mature your security initiatives


Information security assessment is an important part of any IT security audit. Optiv experts and researchers can use the security assessment to:


  • Discover vulnerabilities and weaknesses across all devices
  • Determine the feasibility of potential attack vectors
  • Identify vulnerabilities that might be missed by scanning software
  • Produce evidence to support requests for budget allocations for security programs and investments
  • Develop effective controls and solutions for security flaws
  • Use threat modeling to uncover high-risk vulnerabilities


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