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IT Security Services with Optiv

Choosing the Right IT Security Company

IT security is increasingly costly and complex, but partnering with the right company can help to simplify risk management and reduce costs while protecting data and people more effectively.

As the threats to information technology security continue to grow, the volume of IT security services, solutions and technology is growing as well. Most companies simply don’t have enough skilled security experts on staff to select and manage the right resources to address their security concerns. To create more mature information security policy and programs, savvy organizations are turning to Optiv for help.

Optiv is North America’s largest holistic pure-play provider of IT security services and solutions. Created in 2015 from the merger of Accuvant and FishNet Security – two leading information security companies with long and successful histories — Optiv today offers IT security services to help organizations choose and integrate the products, services, people, processes, strategies and tactics to build and run successful security programs.

IT Security Services from Optiv

At Optiv, we provide a full range of IT security services and solutions to help our clients define their strategy, manage and identify threats and risks, and ensure operational readiness. Our large and skilled team of security experts includes well-respected subject matter experts and thought leaders in every category of IT security. From one-off workshops to full security assessments, and from technology installations to architecture implementation, we offer IT security services with the depth and breadth required to operate successfully in a world where everything is increasingly interconnected.

Optiv’s IT security services include:

Optiv also offers solutions for:

  • Securing cloud computing
  • Developing effective enterprise security architecture
  • Stopping advanced threats
  • Securing the Internet of things
  • Managing identity and access controls
  • Building effective security intelligence

Explore Optiv Insights to stay up to date with the latest trends and developments in the evolving world of IT security.

Comprehensive IT Security Services

Our managed IT security services span the entire information security space. We offer a complete portfolio of services to address needs at the strategic program level, the tactical project level and every point in between. Our IT security services and information security consulting services empower you to:

Fill the Gaps with IT Security Consulting

IT security consulting from Optiv provides the perfect mix of knowledge and experience to fill the gaps in your in-house capabilities. As a trusted partner to organizations of all sizes, our experienced IT security consulting professionals provide the guidance as well as the heavy lifting you require to execute your security strategy.

Let IT Compliance Transform Your Organization

For many organizations, the challenge of IT compliance can be overwhelming as they struggle to secure vital assets, improve risk management and demonstrate IT compliance with a wide variety of regulatory frameworks. But savvy companies understand that well-managed compliance efforts can be a competitive advantage by promoting better decision-making, improving agility and leveraging business insight.

When you want to implement an IT compliance and risk management program that can help you achieve broader business goals, the security professionals at Optiv can help you get more from your compliance programs.

Make Smarter Security Decisions with Better IT Risk Management

IT risk management is a critical part of securing your organization. When you have a clear perspective on the risks you face, you can modify your IT security programs more effectively, optimize technology more efficiently, ensure IT compliance and successfully plan future investments to improve risk management.

Protect Your Organization through IT Security Monitoring

IT security monitoring is an essential part of any IT security program. No security products are impenetrable – attackers and threats will eventually find a way to breach your network. The right IT security monitoring technology will alert you when attacks are underway, providing accurate and timely details that allow you to quickly respond before threats can wreak havoc on your network.

To learn more about Optiv’s IT security products and services, including consulting, risk management and compliance, contact us today.