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We Celebrate Our Team

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We Celebrate Our Team

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We're Proud of Our Impact

We thrive on change and get a thrill from a challenge. We crave important work that makes an impact.

To help our clients, it takes a village. We all bring unique perspectives and experiences to the company, coming together with a common goal of progressing our connected world. At Optiv Security, you’ll break things and put them back together, more elegant and efficient than before. We’re here to change the world, which doesn’t leave us much time to worry about office politics. You’ll be inspired everyday by your team and our industry.

But what do they really think?

"At Optiv, I've always been able to find my place. My team is full of some of the smartest tech minds I've found, and each day is different. I'm always learning and feel supported to try new things."

- James A., Solutions Architect

Join us and we hope you'll be proud:

... of your team.  Working among the best will inspire you to be your best.

... of your contributions.  We hear your voice and opinions and value and prioritize input.

... of our growth.  We're defining new ways to win. There is no ceiling.

... of our impact.  There is no industry more essential than cyber security - we're impacting people, businesses and nations.

What's it Like Working at Optiv?

A Day In the Life of Optiv Cyber Security Superheroes

Keyana Jones
Senior Training Specialist

We Are Optiv

Ahead of the Pack

From the white hat hackers and CISOs to marketing experts, IT geeks and bright legal minds ... we are a collective team of doers. Together, we are helping our clients achieve their vision of success through a newfound sense of security. Fierce, proud, fabulous - however our employees choose to describe their experience - the feeling is ubiquitous: We are one Optiv!

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