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Cyber Operations

Cyber Operations

In many cybersecurity organizations, there’s a vicious cycle of adding the latest and greatest tools to combat increasing threats. This results in more data, more alerts and more confusion. How can you be effective in this reactive environment?

Start by assessing what you have—from systems, networks, applications and data. You’ll also need to understand core business requirements and which areas present the most risk to revenues and business continuity, if compromised.

Once you have a clear view of your entire IT infrastructure, data assets and business needs, you can create a security program that’s just right. It should have the proper mix of people, process and technologies so you aren’t draining resources nor dealing with redundant data sets. With automation and a business-first orientation, you can optimize cybersecurity operations for cost and benefit. Taking this strategic and thoughtful approach ensures you spend the right amount, in the right areas, to protect your business today and tomorrow.

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