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Identity & Access Management

Identity and Access Management

Protecting the enterprise where it conducts business has become increasingly complex. Where business is conducting business is constantly evolving, expanding, and shifting in a constant ebb-and-flow of activities. Today’s rapidly changing world of data, users and cloud-based services require strategic Identity and Access Management (IAM) programs to secure an unpredictable environment.

Identities are the gateway to data, so it is alarming to learn that compromised identities are the leading cause of breaches. Historically, organizations have approached Identity and Access Management tactically, following a traditional implementation approach to deploying point products on an “as-needed” or a project basis. A new approach to cybersecurity, and IAM, is required that is aligned to the innovations that are transforming the entire business model. An integrated solution that brings together all innovations across a comprehensive IAM program assures that the business – all its data, devices, people, and operations – are protected regardless of where the data is used, resides, and is accessed.

There are many different technologies enabling digital transformation initiatives. Identity is the common thread for protecting the business, ensuring the right people have access to the right data, at the right time, place, or system. A comprehensive approach toward managing and protecting identities and data is increasingly important in the modern enterprise. With the right program, you can lower risks for a significant breach without getting in the way of business innovation and acceleration.

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