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Threat Management

Threat Management

Many cybersecurity teams are tactical when it comes to managing threats – reacting as they arise. This leaves organizations in defensive positions, unable to correct underlying problems before new incidents occur, which perpetuates slow response times and prevents security teams from getting ahead of the threats. In this scenario, organizations often place focus on compliance, and not the overall security posture.

Rather than continuously reacting to outside threats as they arise, shift your business model and approach and take an ‘inside-out’ approach. Threat management starts with a full assessment of your IT environment, applications and business processes. Use automation tools to continuously identify devices and vulnerabilities that exist, and remediate in order to take an offensive stance to better protect key business assets. By shifting your approach, moving your cyber business models from reactive response to symptoms to addressing root causes in your cybersecurity program, you can move from putting out fires to enabling your business.

A mature threat management program includes policies, attack surface management, secure application development, validation testing that identifies root cause analysis, proactive incident detection and response, and user awareness and training. By automating and integrating these capabilities, and correlating information for actionable and prioritized intelligence, you can optimize and maximize your cybersecurity program. With a comprehensive program in place, spotting vulnerabilities and malicious activity is faster, which enables you to create a stronger defense.

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