Managed Security Services

Get cost-effective protection with Optiv's managed security services. We deliver strategic imperatives and effective IT security measures.

Around-the-Clock Protection with Managed Security Services

As IT environments, security threats and enterprise security solutions become increasingly complex, more enterprises are turning to managed security services for cost-effective protection.


To defend against a myriad of threats while ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements, organizations need sophisticated information security solutions and the people to implement and manage them. But security teams are often limited by a lack of resources and qualified staff, forcing organizations to make difficult decisions about competing strategic priorities.


When limited capital forces you to choose between delivering on strategic imperatives and implementing effective IT security measures, managed security services from Optiv allow you to do both.


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Optiv: Flexible and Scalable Managed Security Services

Optiv’s managed security services serve as an extension of your security team to provide remote, 24/7 access to advanced security expertise and infrastructure. Our managed security services team is comprised of more than 100 security researchers, engineers and analysts who help to monitor security and quickly respond to potential threats. As a leading managed security service provider, we offer customized solutions tailored for your environment and help you cost-effectively implement the IT security solutions you need to defend against known and emerging threats.


Our turnkey managed security services include flexible and scalable solutions for:


  • Authorized Support for quick remediation of issues through our 24x7x365 multi-vendor, frontline technology support
  • Endpoint Management with management and monitoring services for endpoint technology that enable you to reduce the burden on your IT staff
  • Malware Remediation with a custom malware program and an expert security team to validate your IT security infrastructure
  • Platform Management and device management to improve your security operations.
  • Security Intelligence, offering SIEM services that help to reduce the cost and complexity of monitoring and incident analysis
  • Vulnerability Management, with expertise and infrastructure for vulnerability assessment and validation that help to minimize your organizational risk


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Benefits of Optiv’s Managed Security Services

With managed security services from Optiv, you can:


  • Reduce risk by relying on our expert engineers, researchers and consultants to provide expert threat identification
  • Maintain compliance by optimizing your security program for risk management and implementing best practices to align security measures with compliance requirements
  • Customize delivery of managed security services, tailoring support, management and monitoring to fit your needs
  • Maximize efficiency and control costs by relying on our partners who offer leading security technology
  • Improve security support by working with our certified experts based in the U.S. who offer a single point of contact for technical support, management, monitoring and alerting


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